Avaliação de substratos para cultivo de crisântemo(Crysanthemum morifolium Ramat. - Compositae) 'White Polaris' em vasos

Marília Maia de Souza, Luiz Eduardo F. Fontes, Luiz Carlos Lopes


ln order to obtain the best plant growth and flowering, 'White Polaris' chrysanthemum plants were cultivated in pots containing the following substrates: soil:sand: carbonized rice husk, soil:sand:non carbonized rice husks, soil:sand:coffee shell, soil: sand:sawdust and soil:sand: vermiculite in four volumetric ratios 1:0.5:1; 1:0.5:2; 1:1:2; 2:0.5:2 with densities varying from 0.6 to 0.7 g/ cm3 and soil:sand in only one ratio (1:0.5). Results were evaluated on the basis of fresh matter production of the whole plants, of the shoots and of the roots, and also, on percentage of flowers in three specific phases: buds, half-opened buds and fully opened flowers. The best responses of growth and flowering for 'White Polaris' chrysanthemum plants were obtained with the use of soil:sand: carbonized rice husks in the volumetric ratios of 1:0.5:2 and 2:0.5:2.


pot chrysanthemum; Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev; substrate conditiner: coffee shell, rice husks, sawdust, vermiculite

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14295/rbho.v1i2.94

ISSN: 2447-536X

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