In vitro germination and development of the Cerrado epiphytic orchid

Carlos Sousa Silva, Leila Garcês Araújo, Kellen Cristhina Inácio Sousa, Daniela Mota Silva, Sérgio Tadeu Sibov, Paulo Roberto Faria


Orchids are very popular plants due to the beauty and diversity, of colors and shapes, of their flowers. In order to obtain uniformity, vigor and sanity of the seedlings as well as to produce large quantities for the commercialization is used the in vitro propagation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the germination and in vitro development of Cyrtopodium saintlegerianum for acclimatization. The MS, MS½, Knudson C modified and Simplified media were tested on seed germination. In the development of the seedlings were evaluated Knudson C modified, MS and MS modified (addition of auxin and cytokinin). The MS, MS½ and Knudson C modified media promoted germination above 80% after seven days. However, in the Simplified medium the seeds germinate after thirty days. In the two evaluations, thirty and sixty days after the beginning of the experiment, the Knudson C modified medium was efficient for the observed variables demonstrating their potential use in germination and development of this species.


Cyrtopodium saintlegerianum Rchb. f., Orchidaceae, culture medium, growth regulators.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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