Desirable turfgrass attributes for cultivation under Brazilian conditions: a proposition

Francisco Humberto Dübbern de Souza, Marcos Rafael Gusmão, Frederico de Pina Matta, Ana Cecília Ribeiro de Castro, Andréa Mittelmann, Alessandra Pereira Fávero, Liana Jank


Turfgrass cultivation is a multi-purpose popular practice, associated with life quality of urban populations in consequence of its capability of providing safe, pleasant environments, suitable for recreational and sportive activities. Additionally, it plays relevant environmental functions. For these reasons, turfgrasses constitute an important segment of the agribusiness in many countries. In Brazil, the importance of this type of cultivation has increased in spite of the reduced number of available turfgrass cultivars. Research programs aiming the exploitation of his ample genetic diversity could promote Brazil to the forefront of this type of agriculture in the tropical world. In this work, we discussed and proposed degrees of relevance for different characteristics of grass plants destined for use as permanent ground coverage under a variety of Brazilian situations.


Poaceae, Landscaping, Genetic Variability, Native Plants.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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