Capacity of rehydration of Lilium pumilum Redouté

Mirelle Nayana de Souza Santos, Márcia Martins Tolentino, Rita de Cássia Lima de Oliveira, Ana Maria Mapeli


Among the ornamental flowers marketed as flower vase or cut, there is Lilium pumilum belonging to the Liliaceae family, which is characterized by having several stems with inflorescences containing buds, easy propagation and varied coloring. The marketing of cut flowers is a promising activity; however the transport demands attention due to water stress, which can impair the absorption of water and rehydration, yielding a negative water balance, since the absorption rate is less than the rate transpiration. Based on this assumption, the use of appropriate techniques that allow extending the longevity of the flowers is required. This study aimed to analyze the effect of storage time on the recovery of dry turgor L. pumilum. For this flower stems were dry-stored for 0, 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours. At the end of each period, the inflorescences returned to the water, and analyzed every 6 hours for changes in relative water content of the tepals (flower), orange buds and leaves. Daily evaluations were changes of weight and longevity. The relative water content of flower there was a sharp drop during periods of dry storage, but with recovery after 6 hours in water with greater efficiency in the treatment of 48 hours, with recovery of 86.8% relative to the control. As the relative water content of the button, all treatments were recovered. Regarding the variation of fresh mass, there was variation with the period of dry storage, and only the stems that remained for 12 to 24 hours to dry obtained superior recovery for loss of initial fresh weight within the first six hours of hydration at 118.7 and 26.01%, respectively. The average longevity of the stems was unchanged (6.8 days) for no treatment. Therefore, regardless of the duration of dry storage, there was recovery of turgor, indicating that flower stems of L. pumilum can be transported dry for periods up to 48 hours.


Lily, water stress, relative water content, longevity.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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