Cultivation of Tillandsia geminiflora Brongn. in different growing media

Maria Esmeralda Soares Payão Demattê, Ula Vidal


Tillandsia geminiflora is little grown in Brazil, but has good potential for exportation. Tree fern fiber was used in mixtures for bromeliad cultivation until the prohibition of this practice. The replacement of tree fern by other materials with similar properties has been researched. Thus, and the aim of this study was to compare the development of T. geminiflora grown in media with different vegetal components (tree fern, coconut husk and pinus bark). Plant development was evaluated for about two years. Pure coconut bark husk gave the best results.


bromeliads, tree fern fiber, coconut husk, pinus bark.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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