Durability postproduction of three species of Kalanchoe (Crassulaceae) in vessels with different substrates

Antonio Anderson de Jesus Rodrigues, Rebeca de Araújo Torres, Adriely Fernandes Vieira, Luciana Ferreira de Lima, Roberto Jun Takane, Kathia Fernandes Lopes Pivetta


Potted plants have wide appeal among ornamental plants and one of the most produced for the market belong to the genus Kalanchoe. One aspect to be observed in potted plants is their durability post-production when maintained in indoors conditions as offices and homes. This study aimed to evaluate the durability of the pot post-production life of three species of Kalanchoe (K. marmorata, K. thyrsiflora and K. tubiflora) on different substrates. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design with 40 replicates per treatment in factorial 3 x 2 (three species of Kalanchoe x two substrates - washed sand and coconut fiber). After 30 days, it was evaluated the general aspects as changes in color, leaf abscission and shading of the stem apex. It was found significant differences between species and also between the substrates tested, but only in relation to the general aspects. The species Kalanchoe marmorata and K. tubiflora stood out by receiving top grades in most of the evaluated characteristics. The best substrate that provided plants the maintenance of the most of their ornamental characteristics over the 30 days was the coconut fiber.


Succulents plants, floriculture, air conditioned conditions.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14295/rbho.v21i1.779

ISSN: 2447-536X

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