Physical and chemical characterization of substrates with different proportions of cellulose residue

Maximiliano Kawahata Pagliarini, Regina Maria Monteiro de Castilho, Erica Rodrigues Moreira, Marlene Cristina Alves


The objective of this study was to characterize physic and chemically substrates with different proportions of cellulose residue. The components of substrate used were soil, sand and cellulose residue and the treatments were: T1 = cellulose residue (CR); T2 = CR + soil (1:1); T3 = CR + soil (1:2); T4 = CR + soil (1:3); T5 = CR + sand (1:1); T6 = CR + sand (1:2); T7 = CR + sand (1:3); T8 = CR + soil + sand (1:1:1); T9 = CR + soil + sand (1:2:1); T10 = CR + soil + sand (1:3:1); T11 = CR + soil + sand (1:1:2); T12 = CR + soil + sand (1:1:3). It was evaluated the substrate density, container capacity, pH and electrical conductivity. The pure cellulose residue adapts in respect of physical properties. In relation to electrical conductivity the best results were obtained by mixing cellulose residue with soil and sand. The pH determined in water was high in all substrates.


Density, pH, electrical conductivity.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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