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Economics indicators in the retailer flowers market: a case study.

Recent studies have been showing a change in the consumer’s behavior. The increase of the competition has been placing new subjects about the competitiveness, indicating the need of a system approach. The transparency relationship with the system is more important to the decision makers. Economics indicators in the flowers market are more available on the side of the production, with possibility of mensuration of the production costs and margins obtained in the commercialization process. Concerning of the distribution, the availability of information of costs and margins it is more difficult. The objective of this paper was an analysis of economics indicators in the retailer flowers market; furthermore this paper would be a subsidy to compare works of the different participants of the productive system. For a more consistent analysis along time, it was collect information of costs and margins of the period 1995-2000, through a case study of the retailers. The data show decrease in the income, expenses and gross profit in the period; these indicators point an increase of the competition in the sector. The margin of commercialization of the retail of the main flowers it varied from 33 to 52% with average 38%. The economic indicators showed a decrease of the profitability in the considered period.

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