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Urban trees: species of small size, with potential use.

The selection of appropriate arboreal species is one of the most important points for professionals who work with urban trees. With this purpose, a study was developed at the Instituto Agronômico arboretum located in Campinas, São Paulo State, where the morphology and fenology of 22 species were observed from October 2000 to October 2002 in a total of 66 individuals that presented no thorn on their stems and rounded or ovate tops. The flowering, fruiting, leaf production and leaf abscision were the phenophases observed. The majority presented long flowering (more than four months), with showy flowers in the spring-summer period. Cordia sebestena, Kielmeyera excelsa, Saraca indica, Lonchocarpus filipes and Metternichia princeps were among the species that presented great potential for being closer to the desired pattern for urban forestry.

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