Morpho-agronomic trait comparisons among Tagetes patula L. cultivars

Fernanda Cristiane Simões Neri, José A. Usberti, Jr., Roberto Usberti, Patrícia D. De Oliveira Paiva


The objective of this work was to characterize Tagetes patula L. cultivars (Spry, Orange, Flame and Yellow) as to the following morpho-agronomic characteristics: plant height, number of stems and inflorescences / plant, stem and inflorescence diameters, flowering cycles and durations, fresh and dry matter weights of aerial parts (including stem, leaves and flowers) and roots The work has been carried out in a greenhouse at the Genetics Department, Campinas Agronomic Institute, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. A randomized complete blocks design was used with four replicates. The results revealed that the late flowering cycle cultivars revealed higher plants and thicker stems, bigger inflorescences, higher dry matter weights in aerial parts and roots and shorter blooming period durations. Early flowering cycle length cultivars presented higher number of inflorescences per stem and longer blooming period durations.


Asteraceae, number and diameter of stem and inflorescence, flowering cycle and length, fresh and dry matter weights of aerial parts and roots.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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