Initial growth of Alcantarea vinicolor in function of sources and doses of nutritious

The research aimed at evaluating different fertilizations on the initial growth of Alcantarea vinicolor and at determining its N, P, and K leaf contents. Four different fertilization treatments were tested T1 (187.5 mg of N, 25 mg de P and 234.4 mg of K per pot); T2 (1g L-1 of the formulae Peters® 15-5-15 N-P-K); T3 (T1 and T2 applied together) e T4 (T1 applied with 0.49g L-1 of ammonium sulfate, 0.33g L-1 of potassium nitrate, 0.2g L-1 of magnesium sulfate and 0.083g L-1 of MAP), with four replications and two pots per plot, with one plant in each. The plants were grown in coconut fiber for an experimental period of six months and the number of leaves (NF), rosette diameter (DIAM), green color intensity (SPAD) and the N, P and K leaf contents were evaluated. The plants under Treatment 1 showed the lowest NF, DIAM, MSF, SPAD and N leaf content values. The other characteristics evaluated did not differ as a function of treatments which might be used indifferently. Economically it might be more feasible to use the fertilizations corresponding to T2 or T4, depending on the best cost-benefit ratio to the producer.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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