Exportation of flowers and ornamental plants from Minas Gerais State

In Brazil the flowers commercial system is dynamic mainly when considerate the great demand of importation of basic increments for the activity, in which the Brazil is strong dependent of the acquisitions of genetic material, deriving mainly of Holland. However, little knows about characteristics of the commercialization for the exporting market of the state Minas Gerais production of flowers and ornamental plants. With the objective to evaluate aspects of the exportation of flowers and ornamental plants of the Minas Gerais state, a work was carried through in all the state next to producers of ornamental plants, cut flowers, pot flowers, bulbs, palms and tree seedling. The work was carried through in the period of 2003 the 2005 and the interviews had been made in loco, during the visits to all the cities, being identified a total of 427 producers. In the interviews it was asked on the commercialization place, if in Brazil and or exterior and, when the commercialization was carried through for the external market, the countries of destination, amount and exported monetary value had been identified to which. Only three regions carry through exportation of its ornamental products, being distinguished the roses of Barbacena city, sempre-vivas in Diamantina city, in Central region; the production of Cymbidium in vase and cut in Senador Amaral city, the South region and the production of bulbs of lily, in Tapira city in the High region of Paranaíba. One concludes that the main products of floriculture exported by the state of Minas Gerais are: cut roses, orchids of cut, sempre-vivas and bulbs of lily, being main destinations: Portugal, United States, Holland and Japan.

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