The Use of Digital Images in the Classification of Cutting Flowers

The application of imaging techniques in agricultural process is becoming a very promising tool in supporting pattern development as well as shape and size survey. The analysis of individual elements in the classification process or at the initial specie recognition meets timing and precision requirements. Brazil exhibits an outstanding potential to develop flower and ornamental plants production for the domestic as well as for the international markets. Nowadays flower production provides an income close to US$ 1.3 billions/year, gathering more than 500 producers concentrated in an area of 8500 hectares, generating an income of U$ 35 millions in the year of 2007. The Brazilian flowers and ornamental plants exportation strategy has the objective of orienting and directing the specific potentiality of flower production to take the commercial opportunities offered by the international market, emphasizing post harvest technology. It is possible to express a product quality by means of digital imaging. Generated computer programs satisfied the analysis needs for the desired patterns and the, producing an efficient and fast procedure. It is expected the Brazilian market, in the future, to adopt automatic classification, reducing costs, improving the efficiency and improving quality of the product offered to the consumer.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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