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Productivity of rose cultivars produced by grafting onto different rootstocks or by cutting.

The productivity of rose from cultivars Tineke and Versília, grafted on different rootstocks or originated from cutting was compared. The study was conducted in Andradas, Minas Gerais State, from March 2001 to February 2002. The experimental design used was a completely randomized, including ten treatments: Rosa multiflora ‘Paulista’, R. multiflora ‘Japones’, R. multiflora ‘Iowa’, R. multiflora ‘Kopman´s’, R. indica x multiflora, R. indica ‘Mayor’, R. sp. ‘Natual Brier’, R. manetti, R. canina ‘Inermis’, and cutting. Four replications per treatment were used and each parcel comprised five plants. The number of flower stems harvested per plant was recorded monthly. Based on the productivity of Andradas area (MG), is recommended, as rootstocks for ‘Tineke’, R. manetti, followed by
R. multiflora ‘Japones’, R. multiflora ‘Iowa’ and R. multiflora ‘Kopman’s’; for ‘Versília’, the rootstocks R. multiflora ‘Paulista’, R. multiflora ‘Japones’, R. multiflora ‘Iowa’, R. multiflora ‘Kopman’s’, R. indica ‘Mayor’, R. sp. ‘Natual Brier’ and R. manetti; it is not recommended the rootstocks R. canina ‘Inermis’ and R. indica x multiflora for both cultivars, also, R. indica ‘ Mayor’, for ‘ Tineke’; it can be planted, for both cultivars, plants originated from cutting.

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