Post-harvest longevity of Zingiber spectabile Griff.

The exportation of tropical flowers in Brazil is increasing due the great number of exotic species, great diversity of forms and colors and great post-harvest durability. Among these is the Ornamental Ginger (Zingiber spectabile), however the information about the factors influencing the longevity of this specie are scarce. The goals of this work were: to characterize this specie physically, to verify the possibility of use of pulsing solution, spraying with wax and cytokinines in the post-harvest of ginger and the use of storagement in low temperatures. Aiming at  drawing out the commercial durability of the ginger inflorescences, it was tested pulsing solutions  having 2,4,8,16 and 32% of sacarose, sprays with wax of carnaúba of the Aruá brand (18% of soluble solids) and with 200 mg.L-1 of 6BA (6 benzilamino-purina). The storage was made at 10, 13 and 18ºC. The results of physical characterization had been used in the commercial grading for this specie. It was observed that the Ornamental Ginger does not need post-harvest treatment, having simply to be kept in clean water after harvested.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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