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Vegetative Propagation of Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl.) D. Don. (Manacá).

Manacá (Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl.) D. Don. – Solanaceae) is a common ornamental shrub but there is few information about its propagation. This research analyzes the induction of rooting of Brunfelsia uniflora stem cuttings using different concentrations of indolebutyric acid (IBA) in talcum (control, 1000 mg Kg-1, 2000 mg Kg -1, 4000 mg Kg-1) and in solution (control, 1000 mg L-1, 2000 mg L-1, 4000 mg L-1). Research was also conducted to analyze the rooting of Brunfelsia uniflora branches through the air layering using IBA in talcum with lanolin (control, 1500 mg kg-1, 3000 mg Kg-1). After the Rooting rate, the number of roots per cutting, length of the three larger roots formed per cutting, rate of unrooted living cutting, callus formed per cuttings and dead cuttings was measured after 60 days (stem cutting and air layer) and 120 days (stem cutting). After 60 days the rooting rate of stem cuttings did not show a significant difference, however the greatest rooting rate was 10.0% (solution control). After 120 days the rooting rate increased (41.94%), for the same treatment. In the air layering experiment there was no significant difference, the greatest rooting rate was 5.60% (3000 mg Kg-1). Rooting of Brunfelsia uniflora’s was slow for both stem cuttings and air layering, the indolebutyric acid’s application did not increase rooting or callus.

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