Growth and vase life of gladiolus plants cultivated under different conditions in the semi-arid region of Brazil

Lady Daiane Costa de Sousa, Kelem Silva Fonseca, Luzia Ferreira da Silva, Thieres George Freire da Silva, Lucas Vinícius Pierre de Andrada, Agda Raiany Mota dos Santos, Patrícia Lopes Moreira Feitosa Apolinário, Jheizon Feitoza do Nascimento Souza, Adriano do Nascimento Simões


Cultivation conditions are determining factors that affect the quality of cut flowers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the vegetative growth, flowering and vase life of commercial gladiolus cultivars under different shading conditions in the Brazilian semi-arid region. Two cultivars of gladiolus (Jester and Rose Friendship) were grown under two conditions: full sun and 70% shade. Biometrics were evaluated 60 days after planting and the growth rate of the crop was evaluated at 15-30, 30-45 and 45-60 days for the variables: number of tillers, stem diameter, number of leaves and plant height. After 45 days, the fresh weight, dry weight and total relative water content of the area and root parts of the plants were evaluated. After the harvest, the stems were kept at a temperature of 22±3 °C and relative humidity (RH) of 60%. Visual assessment, pH of the solution, variation in the volume of water and loss of fresh mass were measured every two days. Cultivation with 70% shading resulted in greater accumulation of biomass in the aerial part of gladiolus plants, greater neck diameter and height. The Rose Friendship cultivar underwent a greater translocation of dry matter to the aerial part of the plants, resulting in greater height. On the other hand, the gladiolus stems from cultivation under full sun conditions resulted in longer vase life, 10 days under conservation conditions at 22±3 °C and RH 60%.


Gladiolus x grandiflorus L.; postharvest; stem height; relative water content; dry mass

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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