Postharvest: biology, physiology, and technology

Bruno Trevenzoli Favero, Gláucia Moraes Dias


Postharvest is directly related to the quality maintenance of cut flower, foliage, or in the post-production of potted plants; postharvest terminology embarks all these cases. Several factors can influence it, e.g. the pre-harvest step has a key role in establishing the initial quality of the product, as per the recommended production practices were followed. Novel technologies, such as neural networks, control the environment of the greenhouse and commence being implemented to determine the optimal harvest timing with indirect measures (Dias, 2017). Moreover, the use of nanotechnology and even genetic engineering through gene silencing controlled by viral vectors are a reality (El-Serafy, 2019). Moreover, there were reports applying inducible/specific promoters that act on a given stage or are tissue specific and extended vase life, such as floral binding protein – 1 (fbp-1). It is imperative that either cut flowers or potted plants receive the proper postharvest treatment and are kept in adequate environment to sustain their initial quality for as long as possible (Darras, 2020). [...]

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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