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Why study the ornamental plants production? The catarinenses’s case

The flower production covers not only the production of flowers but also ornamental plants production, which include the cut flowers and the trees species. This sector runs great numbers in the economy, especially in European countries, Holland, Italy and Belgium and also in some Latin American countries, Colombia and Costa Rica. In Brazil the activity is relatively recent, dating from the 50’s. As a legacy left by the European immigrants, which nowadays have been cemented in a lot of sates, specially in the south region and southeast region. Santa Catarina shows up as very prominent state. Although the activity of flower production is recognized as very important economic activity, especially for the small producers, many difficulties still exist, mostly about the scientific researches and alternative technologies for this activity. Great part of the technology used in the Brazilian production comes from other countries, Holland and Japan. Facing it, the present work has the objective to show the historical process of the flower production evolution in the Santa Catarina state and also emphasize its economic and social importance for the country. It also provides data that can subside researches on the development of new technologies that heed the demands of the producers and consequently of the society. For this work a documental analysis (literature review) was elaborated along with semi-structured interviews with the flowers and ornamental plants producers from Santa Catarina State. It was possible to observe that, among the interviewed producers, there is a common sense of an activity lacks research support and they say the floriculture crop doesn’t progress in anywhere without it. Therefore, there is a clear need for studies that promote the productive chain of flowers and ornamental plants, helping it to develop not only in the south but also in the other regions of the country. Besides there is an urge for new technologies that can be easily used, especially by the undercapitalized small producers, and also don’t assault the environmental and the producers’ health.

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