Ornamental flora of the Cerrado in landscape architecture: a portrait of its practical application

Soraia Silva de Mello, Júlio Barêa Pastore


The rich diversity of the Cerrado flora has great ornamental potential, however it is barely present in Landscape Architecture projects in Brazil and incipient in the commercial market. The study sought to systematize part of the knowledge generated by the experiences of eight professionals who work in the Landscape Architecture field and are part of a spontaneous and growing movement that seeks the development of management techniques and a language referenced by phytophysiognomies of the Cerrado, especially its savannas and grasslands. Information was gathered from semi-structured interviews with eight professionals with practical experience in introducing Cerrado flora species in Landscape Architecture projects and analyzed to identify motivations, composition and language aspects, most-used species, technical aspects of implementation and management and perceptions of market and production chain. Reiterated points were mapped and categorized. Interviews revealed efforts to develop a compositional language referenced by the Cerrado with a predominance of herbaceous species and high species diversity in keeping with the contemporary naturalistic Landscape Architecture movement. A list of 84 potentially ornamental species used by interviewees was compiled. Difficulties and market impasses were identified. Much needed strategies for increasing Cerrado flora species use in Landscape Architecture are: engagement of society via environmental education, communication and marketing; research on Cerrado soil and ecology for species selection; qualification of labor; advocacy for public policies including promotion of production chains, research and education.


landscape architecture language; management techniques; market; systematization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/2447-536X.v27i1.2254

ISSN: 2447-536X

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