Phenology of native plants with ornamental potential in Serra do Oratório, Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Fernanda Espíndola Assumpção Bastos, Fernanda Grimaldi


Santa Catarina State is endowed with a flora with great wealth and diversity. The impact that introduction and cultivation of exotic ornamental plants can have on biological diversity is incalculable, and knowledge is of prime importance in measuring this value for the preservation of species and the environment. The objective of this work was to evaluate the phenology of five native species with ornamental potential in the Serra do Oratório, located in the municipality of Bom Jardim da Serra, Santa Catarina State, and to conduct phenological studies of the species Calibrachoa sellowiana (Sendtn.) Wijsman, Baccharis nummularia Heering ex Malme, Trichocline catharinensis Cabrera, Tibouchina dubia (Cham.) Cogn. and Verbena rigida Spreng. Phenological studies occurred between August 2016 and July 2017, with samples of five plants of each species. In this period the occurrence of the phases was recorded: dormancy, vegetation, flower buds or visible inflorescences, full bloom, fruiting and fruit ripening. The esthetic variables evaluated were size, color, texture, line, shape, structure and symmetry of the species. The meteorological variables related to the phenological events were temperature (ºC), precipitation (mm) and insolation (h). The species Tibouchina dubia, Verbena rigida and Calibrachoa sellowiana, even with short flowering time, are indicated for use in landscaping in the region of  South Catarinense Plateau. The meteorological variables evaluated were correlated with the phenophases of the species studied.


floriculture; growth phases; native gardening; natural landscaping

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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