Pollen viability and stigma receptivity in Swainsona formosa (G.Don) J.Thompson (Fabaceae), an ornamental legume native to Australia

Zulkarnain Zulkarnain, Eliyanti Eliyanti, Elly Indra Swari


Pollen viability and stigma receptivity are prerequisites for successful cross-pollination and seed set in Swainsona formosa. In this study, the pollen viabilities and stigma receptivities was assayed by in vitro pollen germination and simple hand-pollination method on glasshouse-grown plants, respectively. The viability of pollen grains was tested under three different storage conditions: 1) pollen grains were left on the plant in the glasshouse under natural conditions, 2) pollen grains were harvested and kept at a low temperature (4 o C) in total darkness, and 3) pollen grains were kept in a dry freezer (-10 o C) and in total darkness. Meanwhile, stigma receptivity was determined by hand-pollination using fresh pollen grains on flower of glasshouse-grown plants at one day before anther dehiscence up to 8 days after anther dehiscence. The results showed that pollen grains could be stored at 4 o C for up to 28 days without significantly losing their viability. Pollen longevity could be extended beyond two months when stored at -10 o C and under dry conditions. These findings provided a simple and economically sound method for storage of S. formosa pollen. In addition, stigma receptivity was found to be receptive from one day before anther dehiscence and reached its peak within four days after anther dehiscence. These results provide a valuable background to the conventional breeding of this species to create hybrids through cross-pollination


Clianthus formosus, dessert pea, legume, plant breeding, native Australian flora.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14295/oh.v25i2.2011

ISSN: 2447-536X

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