Seed position and influences on Caesalpinia pulcherrima germination and reserve proteins

Patrick Luan Ferreira dos Santos, Regina Maria Monteiro de Castilho, Raquel Reia Pinheiro


Caesalpinia pulcherrima has diverse uses in the world, including ornamental and landscape characteristics, but there is a great disparity of germination during the time of seedlings production, being this factor attributed to the position of the seeds in fruits. This study aimed to evaluate some germinative aspects and concentration of reserve proteins in C. pulcherrima seeds in the function of its position in fruits. The work was carried out in greenhouse, in a completely random experimental design, with five seed position in the pod, based on the distance from seed to the peduncle (P1 - distal, P2 - distal/median, P3 - median, P4 -proximal/ median, P5 - proximal). Eight replicates with eight seeds each, were sowed to germinate for 21 days in expanded polystyrene trays filled with substrate. The percentage, speed index, average germination time and 50% germination time of the plantlets were evaluated. The reserve proteins (albumin, globulin, prolamin and glutelin) contents were also determined. There was influence of the position of the seed in the fruit on germination and reserve proteins contents. The proximal/median position showed excellent results, having correlations of albumin, globulin and glutelin concentrations with some germinative parameters. Therefore, the use of proximal/median position of the seeds is recommended for C. pulcherrima propagation.


germinative aspects, seed vigor, propagation, paradise flower.

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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