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Evapotranspiration of two Gerbera jamesonii cultivars in soilless culture.

The commercial production of gerbera cut flower occupies a relevant position worldwide. In Argentina, the area of growing under greenhouse is actually increasing and is not able to match the market demand. The introduction of new techniques of irrigation which are being carried out by growers need the knowledge of the water needs of the crops so that the system may result efficient. The object of this work was to characterize the water consumption of two cultivars of gerbera in soilless growing through the adjustment of common practice modeling, in the city of Buenos Aires and surroundings for spring season. It was evaluated the water consumption through drainage trays in order to determine the coefficient of the crop (Kc) for each of the model employed. It was also characterized the greenhouse environment to find the potential evapotranspiration in that situation, using common practice model, and it was selected the ratio between Eto and Kc which can determine the Etc which better suits the measured consumption. Significant differences were not detected between Etc and Eto calculated by the Penman- Monteith modified by FAO. On the contrary, significant differences were detected using the Blaney- Criddle method and also between the Etc of the two tested varieties. The estimation method of Etc which better suited greenhouse conditions for the measured water consumption was the method of Penman- Monteith modified by FAO.

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