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Performance of transgenic petunia x hybrida plants containing the psag12-ipt gene grown under nutritional deficiency.

Nutritional deficiency in plants can causes chlorosis, necrosis, defoliation, reduced growth, reduced yield, and premature senescence. Exogenous applications of cytokinin can alleviate these symptoms. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of an auto regulated cytokinin production on the nutritional deficiency tolerance in Petunia x hybrida plants. A chimeric gene of the senescencespecific SAG12 promoter and the ipt gene coding for isopentenyl transferase, a rate-limiting enzyme in the cytokinin biosynthesis pathway, was introduced into Petunia x hybrida plants byAgrobacterium-mediated transformation. Two transgenic plants containing the ipt gene were selected and self-pollinated to obtain the lines evaluated for nutritional deficiency tolerance analysis. Both transgenic PSAG12–ipt lines analyzed were more tolerant to nutritional deficiency than wild-type plants. The results indicated that endogenous cytokinin can counteract nutritional deficiency symptoms.

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