Gladiolus as an alternative for diversification and profit in small rural property

Lilian Osmari Uhlmann, Camila Coelho Becker, Regina Tomiozzo, Nereu Augusto Streck, Alfredo Schons, Darlan Scapini Balest, Mara dos Santos Braga, Natalia Teixeira Schwab, Josana Andreia Langner


Flower crops are an alternative for diversification in small farms, being gladiolus an option of cut flower. The objective of this study was to disseminate the gladiolus crop as an alternative for diversification and profit for small farms through an extension project where crop management practices were demonstrated during its development cycle. An extension project was carried out in partnership with a rural extension agency, EMATER/RS-ASCAR, to identify the farmers interested in diversifying their production system for growing gladiolus. The extension project was developed in four counties in the Central region of the Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. Together with the extensionists of EMATER/RS-ASCAR, farmers were assisted during the entire production cycle and learned the management practices from planting to harvesting. Altogether, approximately 2,400 gladiolus spikes were produced, which were marketed one week before and during Mother’s Day week at local fairs. In all the counties, the demand and consumption of the flower stems were high, demonstrating acceptance of the consumers of gladiolus stems on Mother’s Day. The gladiolus production has proven to be profitable for small family properties. This system encourages the production in short-chains, contributes to the growth of local flower production and may contribute for decreasing rural exodus and sustainability for future generations


Gladiolus x grandiflorus, rural extension, Mother’s Day, production planning, floriculture.

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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