Chemical composition, health, drying and germination of Tabebuia roseo-alba (Ridl.) Sand. seeds.

Patrícia Degan, Ivor B. de Aguiar, Rubens Sader, Luciana Rossini Pinto


This work was carried out in arder to determine seed chemical composition and to detect seed pathogens of Tabebuia roseo-alba, an important ornamental tree in Brazil. The seeds were also submitted to drying in lyophilizer, dry chamber and forced air oven. Seed moisture content and germination percentage were determined before and after drying. The results showed that (a) the seeds are composed of 22,5% of proteins, 18,6% of lipids and 7,6% of carbohydrates; (b) the seeds were infected by several fungi, mainly Fusarium sp; (c) the drying methods tested were effective to decrease the seeds moisture content· I (d) the drying decreased the seeds germinative capacity.


Tabebuia roseo-alba, seed, chemical composition, fungi, drying, germination

ISSN: 2447-536X

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