Water Relations of Cut Bird-of-paradise (Strelitzia reginae Ait.) Inflorescences

Mônica M. Campanha, Fernando L. Finger, Paulo R. Cecon, José G. Barbosa


The influence of periodically recutting at basal stem end on longevity and water status throughout vase life of bird-of-paradise inflorescences was studied. The relative water content of sepals increased rapidly once the stems were stood in water, reaching maximum value at about 10 hours of vase life. However, the rela tive water content of bracts was constant over the sarne period of time. Recutting the stem helped to maintain the_ water status of both flower sepals and bracts, but a significant water loss was observed through vase life of uncut stems. Periodically recutting the stem end increased the number of fully opened florets by 1.7 times and extended the vase life of the flower by 49%.


relative water content, sepals, bracts, longevity

ISSN: 2447-536X

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