Growth of fertigated desert rose in different nitrate/ammonium proportion

Vanessa Stegani, Guilherme Augusto Cito Alves, Thadeu Rodrigues de Melo, Ronan Carlos Colombo, Guilherme Biz, Ricardo Tadeu de Faria


This study aimed to determine NO3 - /NH4 + proportion delivered by fertigation that allows greater desert rose plants growth in pots. Plants were cultivated in greenhouse in polypropylene pots, using a mixture of sand and composted Pinus powder (1:1, v v-1) as substrate. Experimental design was completely randomized, with six treatments (control, 0/100 25/75, 50/50, 75/25 and 100/0 of NO3 – and NH4 + respectively), and ten replications. Fertigation was performed weekly in the amount of 100 mL per pot for 180 days. Variables evaluated were: shoot height, basal diameter of the caudice, number of branches, roots, leaves and caudice dry mass and macronutrient contents determination and accumulation in leaves, caudice and root. NO3 – and NH4 + proportion promoted a greater change in nutrient content in leaves compared to caudice and roots. The proportion 25/75 NO3 – /NH4 + is recommended for desert rose cultivation, as it provides the best results for most of the characteristics studied.


Adenium obesum, nitrogen, nutrition, pot flower.

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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