In vitro conservation of ornamental plants

Diogo Pedrosa Corrêa da Silva, Elif Aylin Ozudogru, Michele Valquíria dos Reis, Maurizio Lambardi


The market of flowers and ornamental plants is dependent on the diversification of species and the availability of high quality propagation materials. Actually, in vitro culture techniques performance a prominent role in the multiplication and maintenance of commercially propagated ornamental plant species, and are promising for the production of thousands of high quality plants in relatively short term. In addition, when market demand for a particular species is low or zero in a specific period of the year, in vitro culture techniques allow the conservation of cultures under aseptic conditions, by Slow Growth Storage (SGS), from a few weeks to one year (or more), without affecting their viability and potential regrowth. This can be achieved by modifying the constitution of the culture medium and the maintenance conditions of in vitro cultures. Obviously, the success of the technique depends on greatly on the physiological characteristics of the species to be conserved, as well. Once a SGS protocol is optimized, the expenses labor, the possibility of contamination and the probability of somaclonal variation can be reduced markedly.


Flowers, Shoot cultures, Slow Growth Storage

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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