Behavior and postharvest evaluation criteria of Vriesea incurvata Gaudich. (Bromeliaceae) floral scapes

Edwin Pulido, Francine Lorena Cuquel, Raquel Rejane Bonato Negrelle


Genus Vriesea of the Bromeliaceae family are highly appreciated to use as ornamental plant due to their floral morphological characteristics, color and the beauty of inflorescences. V. incurvata has been commercialized as a potted ornamental plant. The morphological features of its floral scape may also indicate it for use as a cut flower. However, there are no information available to use of this bromeliad as a cut flower. The aim of this study was to determine quantitative and qualitative criteria in order to evaluate the postharvest behavior of V. incurvata floral scapes. It was observed that V. incurvata floral scapes has great potential to use as cut flower, which has an average of vase-life of 14.9 ± 1.5 days. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics such as color (L*, C*, H°), brightness, turgidity, stiffness, presence of injuries, relative fresh weight, water uptake and loss can be indicated as postharvest evaluation criteria of V. incurvata floral scapes.


Bromeliads, cut flowers, ornamental plant, senescence, vase-life.

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ISSN: 2447-536X

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