Influência da temperatura e do tempo de armazenamento dos bulbos no desenvolvimento de Hippeastrum x hybridum Hort.'Apple Blossom'

Nicolaas Josef Schoenmaker, Taís Tostes Graziano


The goal of this work was to study the influence of temperature and time of storage, in cool chamber, of bulbs of Hippeastrum x hybribum Hort. 'Apple Blossom' on the plant development. The bulbs were stored under two temperatures (511C and 911C). Monthly, from August 1991 to February 1992, 25 bulbs of each treatment were planted in plastic pots (14cm diameter) with a substrate made of a mixture of 50% of loam and 50% of organic matter, and the plants were kept in a greenhouse. It was observed that both temperature and time of storage had a marked influence on all the evaluated characteristics. Bulb storage at S11C resulted on a more compact plant, with shorter floral stalks and smaller flowers. Floral stalks emmerged always before leaves and they also were always longer 49 than leaves. At 511C the bulbs can be kept longer in the storage room. At 911C, after 210 days of storage, 50% of the bulbs sprouted even if they still were in the cool chamber.


Amaryllis; bulbs; storage; refrigeration


ISSN: 2447-536X

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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